During my ten year term as Chairman of the Mathematics Department at the University of Florida, I ran a vibrant visiting program. I was inspired as a young boy watching my father organize an outstanding visiting program at MATSCIENCE, and indeed even before that with his Theoretical Physics Seminar. In Florida, the Spring semesters were packed with eminent visiting mathematicians giving talks both technical and of wide appeal. My parents visited every year during the Spring term and my father never missed a single featured colloquium talk during his stay. He enjoyed discussions with the distinguished speakers at the seminars on campus and at the parties at my home in Gainesville that my wife Mathura graciously hosted. Spring 2008, my final term as Chairman, was among the best in terms of concentration of eminent visitors - 1994 Fields medalist Efim Zelmanov gave the Tenth Erdos Colloquium in January, the eminent combinatorialist Dominique Foata delivered the Tenth Ulam Colloquium in February, National Academy Member Bertram Kostant gave the Center for Applied Math Colloquium in March, and the great number theorist Peter Sarnak delivered the Second Ramanujan Colloquium, also in March. The Ramanujan Colloquium was sponsored by Evan Pugh Professor George Andrews of Penn State University who was in residence all of Spring 2008, as he has been doing annually every year in the Spring since 2006.

In May 2008, my father chose six pictures of visitors of Spring 2008. He wanted these enlarged, framed and displayed in the upstairs lecture hall of our family home "Ekamra Nivas" in Madras. That is where they are now, but sadly he is not there to see them since he passed away in June 2008 in Florida just before he was planning to return to India. We reproduce those pictures here in his memory. Five of these pictures show him in discussion with these eminent visitors at my home in Gainesville, and in conversation with 1970 Fields Medalist and 2008 Abel Laureate John Thompson, my colleague at the University of Florida.

Krishnaswami Alladi

  • Photo 1 [ JPG ]
    Alladi Ramakrishnan in discussion with 1994 Fields Medalist Efim Zelmanov (UC San Diego) who delivered the Tenth Erdos Colloquium - January 2008
  • Photo 2 [ JPG ]
    Alladi Ramakrishnan in discussion with the eminent combinatorialist Dominique Foata (Univ. Strasbourg, France) who delivered the Tenth Ulam Colloquium. Mrs Ramakrishnan looks on - February 2008
  • Photo 3 [ JPG ]
    Alladi Ramakrishnan and Krishna Alladi with National Academy of Science Member and Ramanujan Expert George Andrews (Penn. State Univ.) who is Distinguished Visiting Professor at Florida each spring - February, 2008
  • Photo 4 [ JPG ]
    Alladi Ramakrishnan in discussion with 1970 Fields Medalist John Thompson during a party at Krishna's home in Gainesville - April 2008. Thompson, who is Graduate Research Professor at the University of Florida, won the Abel Prize in May 2008.
  • Photo 5 [ JPG ]
    Alladi Ramakrishnan in discussion with Professor Bertram Kostant (MIT), who delivered the Center for Applied Mathematics Colloquium - April 2008
  • Photo 6 [ JPG ]
    Krishna Alladi in discussion with Professor Peter Sarnak (Princeton) who delivered the Second Ramanujan Colloquium. Seen standing are Professors John Thompson and Bert Kostant in discussion.

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