The inauguration of MATSCIENCE, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Madras, India, on 3 January, 1962, was greeted with great enthusiasm by scientists from around the world. My father, Professor Alladi Ramakrishnan, in his inaugural speech as the Director of the new Institute, referred to the creation of MATSCIENCE as a miracle, because a series of unexpected pleasant circumstances came in rapid succession to bear fruit. About a week before the inauguration of MATSCIENCE, congratulatory telegrams and letters started pouring in from scientists around the world. I was just past my sixth birthday at that time, but I remember the sense of excitement at our family home Ekamra Nivas as my father was preparing for that sensational event. I remember a dinner at the roof garden of the Dasaprakash Hotel in Madras a few days before the inauguration at which my father's students who attended his Theoretical Physics Seminar were present. At this dinner, my father asked each student to predict the number of congratulatory telegrams and messages that would be received by 3 Jan, 1962. Such was the mood at that magic moment! My father had preserved these telegrams and had them photo copied and bound in two volumes. In the COMMENTARY, I have reproduced some of these telegrams and messages by typing out the text in italics. I have made some observations about the person sending the message/telegram and my father's association with that scientist. The actual photo copies of these selected telegrams and messages are also attached separately (see the two links below).

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