Sir Alladi's Life

Article when Sir Alladi was knighted

By Srinivasa Iyengar (1932)

Article for the Sir Alladi 60th birthday volume 1

By Seshachalapathi (1943)

Article on Sir Alladi for the Centenary of The Madras High Court

By Justice Rajagopala Iyengar (1962)

Article on CR and (Sir) Alladi

By Alladi Ramakrishnan (1971)

Sir Alladi - An Originator of Our Constitution

By Prabhudas Patwari (1978)

Article for Sir Alladi's Birth Centenary

By Justice V. Sethuraman (1983)

A Luminary on The Legal Firmament

By K. Chandrasekhara Iyer (1983)

A Statesman Among Jurists and a Jurist Among Statesmen

By Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer (1995)

Sir Alladi and the legal luminaries of Mylapore

By Dr. M. S. Rajajee, IAS (1996)

Convocation of Delhi University

Group Photo of Delhi University conference delegates. India President Rajendra Prasad (center, front row). To his right is Sir Alladi. Both received honorary doctorates in November, 1951.

Sir Alladi's speech for the Convocation of Delhi University when he received an Honorary Doctorate for his role in drafting the Constitution of India


Alladi Ramakrishnan's proposal to create the Tamil Nadu Academy of Sciences

In 1971, at a meeting of the the newly formed Madras Institute of Development Studies (MIDS), at the invitation of Dr. Malcolm Adiseshiah, Director of MIDS, Alladi Ramakrishnan, as the Director of MATSCIENCE, proposed the creation of a Tamil Nadu Academy of Sciences. Following the suggestion of Prof. Ramakrishnan, the Academy was formed a few years later with Dr. Adiseshiah serving as its First President and Alladi Ramakrishnan as its First Secretary. Subsequently, Alladi Ramakrishnan served as the President of the Academy.

After the Proceedings of the Tamil Nadu Academy of Sciences was launched, Alladi Ramakrishnan published his proposal of 1971 in an issue of the Proceedings in 1980. The published version of the proposal is reproduced here. The Tamil Nadu Academy of Sciences is now called the Academy of Sciences, Chennai.

Alladi Ramakrishnan's Proposal To Create The Tamil Nadu Academy Of Sciences


Alladi Ramakrishnan's Articles Of General Interests

Swathi Thirunal - The Musician Prince


The Song Of The Saints

(1969 - Nadopasana first anniversary souvenir)

The Bridge Of Sound And Light

(1971 - Speech given at Ekamra Nivas for 25th wedding anniversary function)

Divine Swells From Common Diction

(December 1971 - Indian Fine Arts Society souvenir, 39th music festival)

C.S. - Can He Excel Himself?

(In C.S. 63rd birthday souvenir)

Ramayana - Its Direct Relevance To Real Life

(1989 - K. Balasubramania Iyer lecture, Sanscript College, Madras)

Seven Lamps Of Mathemathical Architecture

(1971 - Speech for Founders Day of P.S. High School)


(July 1977 - In the Indian Review)

The Intergrated Life

(Bulletin in Theosophy of Science Group - Delivered as C.P. Snow memorial lecture at The British Counsel Madras,November 5th 1980, and lectured to The International Theosophical Convention, Dec. 28th, 1980)

Research In The Mathematical Sciences In India

(August 9, 1976 - Talk to All India Radio, Madras)

The Impact Of Science On Society

(September 4, 1973 - Talk to All India Radio)

Theoretical Physics In The United States

(1958 - Written after return from Institute For Advanced Study, Princeton. Appeared in Current Science)

Symposia in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics

(Book Series Edited by Alladi Ramakrishnan - Plenum Press, New York)

Alladi Ramakrishnan's popular articles on Special Relativity

Symposia in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics

Alladi Centenary Foundation Lectures 1983-2003