Article on Alladi Ramakrishnan in the Institute for
Advanced Study, Princeton, Spring 2009 Newsletter

In Dec 2008, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a letter from Professor Peter Goddard, Director of the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in Princeton, saying that the Institute would like to publish a 1000 word article on my father emphasizing:

(i) my father's visit to IAS in 1957-58 and how it inspired him to give lectures on advanced physics to talented students at our home in Madras, India, and

(ii) how this attracted the attention of Niels Bohr and led to creation of MATSCIENCE, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Madras in 1962.

Also Professor Goddard asked me to write this article.

My article entitled "Alladi Ramakrishnan (1923-2008) - Visit to the Institite inspired him to create MATSCIENCE in India" has just appeared in the Spring 2009 Newletter of the Institute for Advanced Study. Please go to


click on Spring 2009 letter and see page 8.

The article in the IAS Newsletter is an abridged version of the article Contributions of Alladi Ramakrishnan to the mathematical sciences that I wrote for his 80-th birthday.

The Institute for Advanced Study is one of the most hallowed centers of learning in the world having had persons like Einstein on its permanent faculty. Thus it is a great honor (posthumous) for my father that the Institute decided to publish an article about him, and an honor for me to be invited to write this article.

The IAS Letter is sent to all persons who have been Visiting Members of the Institute over the years, as well as to the friends and donors of the Institute.


Krishnaswami Alladi



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